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The cockroaches are those companions that we do not want in our life, but these are always present, that is the reason why we recommend the best Cockroach killer products to kill all the pest, know the best home remedies to get rid of the cockroaches, it does not matter if they are Oriental, American, German, baby cockroach, water cockroach, hissing  or are the eggs, all that pest will fall at your feet.

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What are cockroaches and why do we want to get rid of them?

The roaches are insects of the order Blattodea, where termites are also included. About 30 species of cockroaches of 4,600 that have been identified are found in human habitats and about four species are known as pests.

Cockroaches are an ancient group of animals that goes back at least to the Carboniferous period, about 320 million years ago. Those early ancestors, however, lacked the internal ovipositors that modern cockroaches have. Cockroaches are insects with special adaptations, such as parts of the mouth that specialize in suction, have an oral chewing apparatus and are probably one of the most primitive live neopter insects that exist.

why cockroaches so hard to kill is because are common and resistant insects that can tolerate a wide range of environments, be it arctic cold or tropical heat. Tropical cockroaches are often much larger than species that live in temperate zones and contrary to popular opinion, the extinct relatives of cockroaches were not as large as the larger modern species such as roachoids, the Archimylacris of the Carboniferous and the Permian apthoroblattina.

What Do Cockroaches look Like? Why are they so ugly?

The appearance of cockroaches differs slightly between each species. Like most insects, cockroaches have three pairs of legs (with much longer rear pair), large eyes, and two antennae.

german roach killer
Cockroaches are uglier than we think

The body of a cockroach is divided into a thorax with three segments and an abdomen segmented into ten parts. The oral part consists of mandible, salivary glands and several receptors of touch and taste.

What do cockroach eggs look like?

The cockroach eggs are inside a few capsules called ootheca, from which they are born before they are born and then leave and continue to develop outside this shell, there are different cockroach egg killer product that act against cockroach eggs and larvae.

If cockroaches have wings, can they fly?

Yes, cockroaches have wings and the roach with wings are mostly males. They have a set of wings that join the second and third segments of the thorax. The first pair of wings is adapted to protect the body of the cockroach and cover the rest of wings when it is not in flight, while the hind wings are used for flight.

Learn more about your enemy the cockroaches is lifespan and how to kill cockroaches

If you know how long the cockroaches live and the reproduction cycle, you will be in advantage to take the best solutions to eliminate them, Here you can find info about this pest and why we use cockroach killer to not see them anymore.

How dangerous are roaches to your health?

One of the biggest impacts that cockroaches can have is the expansion of a series of dangerous and harmful bacteria and viruses that can lead to the development of diseases, the cockroaches are bad for your health because it puts you at risk and they could even kill you.

For companies this can be a huge problem, especially if they operate within the food industry. And is that cockroaches have been directly related to the spread of foodborne diseases, such as Salmonellosis, which can affect both workers and customers.

Where do cockroaches come from and how do they enter my house?

If you do not know where they came from and how they came in, the cockroaches can be introduced into the home by different means: hidden inside bags, packages, cardboard boxes, egg cups, or infected appliances, sneaking from the outside through cracks or holes in doors or windows or through drains, or moving from one home to another by pipes, wiring or shared walls.

Cockroaches are very ingenious insects that can enter your home in several different ways, including:

Getting through small holes and cracks in the building.Traveling in bags, backpacks, suitcases and other containers.Moving from one apartment to another through pipes and other holes in shared walls.

The main reason why the introduction of cockroaches at home goes unnoticed is because of their nocturnal activity. When they remain inactive during the day, the probability of being able to observe them entering the home is very low.

How can I identify a roach infection in the house and how to find cockroach nest?

You will notice where the cockroaches live by different signs at home that can help you identify if you have a pest infestation and need professional help to eliminate it or you can do it by yourself and control the plague. Pay attention if you discover any of the following signs:

homemade roach killer

Cockroach droppings – Cockroach droppings are in the form of black powder, less than 1 mm wide and of variable length.

Stains – on kitchen surfaces or baseboards, where cockroaches usually pass. If it is an area with abundant water, cockroaches will produce brown spots and irregular shape.

Egg cases (ootheca) and discarded skins – cockroaches shed their skin between 5 and 8 times as they mature.

Damage – Roaches will attack organic items including leather and books.

Smell – cockroach pests produce an unpleasant and rancid odor.

Live cockroaches in bathrooms and kitchens – the German cockroach needs heat and humidity, and is often seen in laundry rooms and kitchens. They are also good at climbing surfaces of glass, glass or metal thanks to the lower part of their legs is adhesive. It is common to see them at night in the kitchen.

Cockroaches in the basement – the eastern cockroach survives in cooler, wetter conditions, and can be found in basements or drains. If the right conditions are met, they can also survive abroad, for example in landfills. Although not as agile as the German cockroach, they can climb rough surfaces like bricks.

How can I prevent cockroaches from entering my home and get rid of them?

The best way to get rid of roaches in apartment or your house is following these tips steps, you can take at home to limit and control the activity of cockroaches and prevent future infestations to keep the roaches away, keeping the plague out of your apartment.

  • Store food in closed containers and keep your pet’s dishes covered.
    Keep kitchen stoves, counters and floors clean of grease and food.Repair pipes with leaks.
  • Seals cracks and holes near doors, windows and other areas of the house.
  • Monitor your home looking for signs of cockroaches: eggs, excrement, skin shedding.
  • Watch the corners that accumulate moisture and lack of light. Do not keep boxes or empty baskets in the garden because they can serve as a refuge.
  • Pay attention to the door and window frames.
    Sell the space between the pipes, faucets, electricity and telephone cables.
  • Try different home methods to eradicate them.
  • Specially inspect pet food, laundry baskets and the space behind the refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave and kitchen.

How can I control and kill all the cockroaches in my house?

After identifying that if you suffer from a cockroach infection in your home, you will have 2 options to take into consideration for to get rid of cockroaches at home and eliminating these disgusting insects for ever, you can buy chemical product like insecticide to kills cockroaches or you can perform naturally home remedies to eliminate cockroaches.

Ideal characteristics of an insecticide

Great specificity:  The product only affects the organism it damages, leaving the rest of living beings and the environment unharmed.
Low toxicity in humans. The product is at low risk for both acute poisoning and low-dose exposures. Y…
Low toxicity for other fauna. Its toxicity is usually contemplated for the fauna of the bacillus and the pollinating fauna (bees).
Low lethal dose: The insecticide is effective with a small amount.
Low cost: The product has to be inexpensive and inexpensive.
Of latent characteristic: The insecticide remains in place for a period of time sufficient to interact and kill the constituent population of the pest to be fought. But…
Not persistent or cumulative: It must be degraded without producing toxic byproducts, that is, not be persistent or accumulate in the tissues of the animals of the trophic chain after having acted.

Note: Obviously these characteristics are rarely present in the same product.

Type of roaches and how to kill cockroaches with insecticides and natural remedies

There are thousands of different kinds of cockroach species throughout the world. This is because they are very primitive animals that coexisted with the dinosarios and also very resistant. This ability to survive has led cockroaches to evolve in a multitude of types in different parts of the planet. They are very hard insects and common species, even surviving more than a month without food or two weeks without water. Here you will know the types of roaches with pictures and treatment.

German cockroach (Blatta germanica)

They are light brown, small (1-2 cm long) and with long non-functional wings. They are characterized by having two dark lines in the pronotum (dorsal plate that lies behind the head). The females always carry with them the ootheca, a kind of elongated capsule that contains the eggs and that is inserted in the back part of the insect. It is one of the most common cockroaches found in the kitchen.

Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis)

They are dark brown, almost black roach, larger than the German cockroaches (2-2.5 cm long). The females have rudimentary wings, unlike the males that have them well formed, although neither sex can fly. The females only load the ootheca for about 30 hours without waiting for the eggs to hatch.

American cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

It is the largest species, being able to reach 5 centimeters in length. They are reddish in color. In males the wings can extend beyond their body. This species has the ability to fly. The females load the ootheca until they find a safe place to release it.

best roach killer for apartments

Brown or brown band cockroach (Supella longipalpa)

They are yellowish brown with two transverse and lighter parallel bands crossing the base of the wings and abdomen. They smoky brown cockroach are smaller than the German cockroaches (1-1.5 cm). Males have the ability to fly if disturbed. The females carry the ootheca in tow for a couple of days and then release it somewhere safe.

The other types of existing cockroaches are:

  • The nymphs of cockroaches.
  • Flying Cockroach.
  • The Asian Cockroach
  • Albina cockroach.
  • The Cockroach of the Florida Forest.
  • Cockroach Head of Death.
  • The Wood Cockroach.
  • Green cockroach
  • The Cockroach of Suriname.
  • Cockroach of the Arena.

What type of Chemical pesticide products you can buy to kill cockroaches?

Here we present a list of different products and insecticides to eliminate roach nest thanks to its lethal ingredients for insects, here you will know how does cockroach killer work and you can find all these products in our online store.

Cockroach killer Sprays

The roach killer Sprayers, better known as sprays, are useful when we do not have a colony of cockroaches living at home. They can be very effective if you see a scamper, but not many. This type of poison destroys your nervous system killing, repel and eliminate cockroaches.

They are effective when you see run a loose that has just been introduced at home or in the room. It is a type of pulverized poison that acts by destroying the nervous system by contact. This also produce other effects depending on the type of poison it includes.

They go well for when there is no infestation, one or two, and the effective remedy to scare away cockroaches and thus prevent them from entering. It is advisable to use them in the entrance areas to prevent their arrival. When you see them running, you must spray them so that the chemist can do his action.

It is advisable to apply it in cockroach entry areas to prevent them from entering the interior of your home.

Get rid of the roach with the Traps to catch cockroaches

They should be placed in their hiding places. A perfect trap would be the placement of boxes or containers with aromatic plants or one of the homemade remedies named above such as sodium bicarbonate and powdered sugar. The sugar will attract them to fall into the trap.

They are used in corners and holes where they can hide during the day. Also in warm places like behind the refrigerator, cupboards and on the kitchen floor.

They attract them because they give off pheromones and irresistible smells for them. Upon entering they are trapped in glue or receive a dose of poison. Cockroach killer traps work when the number of insects is small. You have to review them and see where they catch more of them.

Sticky traps: for kill cockroaches

They do not usually kill cockroaches directly, unless they spend so much time stuck that they die of starvation. The Sticky traps for insects can help you monitor the pest, but it is convenient to use other treatments at the same time.

Eliminate the roach with baits to poison the pest

The baits are effective to eliminate cockroaches: It is one of the slowest remedies because cockroaches do not die immediately, but take a while. It is similar to traps and there are baits in pills, powders or gel.

It is similar to cheating in its use. This must be placed in strategic places where they usually live. It is composed of substances that he likes and, when they taste them, they die as it contains roach killers.

There are different types of baits in pills, powder or gel. Instead of killing it immediately takes a while to take effect. Allow the insect to eat and go to the nest where it dies. This facilitates that the rest of insects can come into contact with poisonous substances.

The anti-cockroach treatment is somewhat slow, it takes between 5 and 7 days to reduce the size of the infestation.

Cockroach killer Gel bait strong poison in tube

Never end their victims instantaneously (it takes them a week), however, they will end up with the entire population of plague, due to the fact that roach killer gel spread the poison among their relatives instead of consuming it alone.

roach killer IGR insect growth regulator

When they are ingested by insects, they unbalance the hormonal relationship that governs the development of insects, accelerating the passage from one stage to the next and therefore producing deformed larvae or pupae that end up dying or adults with lower fecundity or fertility.

They do not directly kill cockroaches, but they sterilize the population and stop the growth of cockroach larvae of flea. It is usually used as a complementary measure in case of very striking pests.

Cockroach killer bait tablets and powder

One of the most effective poisons that has been used for more than 80 years. These anti-cockroach tablets are very effective and, in addition, there are about 100 in the package. You should place the tablets in places where there are usually cockroaches, keeping in mind that they should be kept away from children and pets.

These tablets do not smell or give off unpleasant gases, but effectively kill these insects, among others. Try to put more than one tablet at a time so that its effects are noticed more quickly. It is the most sold in the United States.

People often place these tablets inside the refrigerator, in furniture, window backs, cracks, wastebaskets and objects like the sink and bathroom. Cockroach killer bait powder works the same way as the tablet, because they have the same roach killer component.

Best insecticides to eliminate cockroaches quickly

You can buy insecticide anywhere, but their use should be restricted as they can become toxic if used in large quantities. Care must be taken and precautions taken into consideration. They have very fast effects and are the best if you do not have a plague of this bugs.

These are a temporary measure and should be used with caution since they are toxic at large doses, so keep the place well ventilated and be careful with pets and small children.

The insecticides for cockroaches, sprinklers and spray chemicals are a temporary relief. These products usually have very fast effects. The insecticides for cockroaches are effective and in general it is the best remedy when there is no pest.

The disadvantage of insecticides and poisonous sprays is that they are sprays that are spread throughout the room. There are many chemicals that can be used to kill cockroaches such as boric acid.

Pictures of cockroaches

Here is a small collection of cockroach photographs.

The best Cockroach killer products at the best price you can buy

Here you can buy the best cockroach killer to eliminate that pest, you will find traps, powder against roaches, raid roach gel to eliminate cockroaches, insecticides, diatomaceous earth, cockroach killer boric acid or borax  among many other cheap products to use indoor and outdoor of the house to get rid of the roach, shopping in our online store is your best option.

Advice and natural cockroach killer homemade remedies

Here you can find the best cockroach killer homemade remedy hand made safe non toxic for pets, because the best solution is always the organic roach killer found in nature. Here you will find different natural recipes roach killernarutal repellent, boric acid or borax powder, diatomaceous earth, for use in the house indoor and outdoor. Check out our anti-cockroach solutions.

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