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The 20 curious facts about cockroaches

If you think that cockroaches can withstand everything, something like a super cockroach, then prepare to know the super powers that this plague can do. You will hate them even more.

It is fascinating what you will know about cockroaches.

1.  A cockroach can live for a week without its head. According to you you have an open circulatory system and you breathe through the small holes that are in each of your body segments, it does not depend on the mouth or head to breathe. The cockroach dies because without a mouth it can not drink water and dies of thirst.

2.  A cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes. Cockroaches often include breathing to help a regular loss of water.

3.  Cockroaches can travel up to three miles in an hour, which means they can spread germs very quickly.

4.  The newly born German cockroaches become adults in just 36 days. In fact, the German cockroach is the most common cockroach and has caused outbreaks of diseases and allergic reactions in many people.

5.  A one-day-old cockroach that is about the size of a grain of dust and can walk almost as fast as their parents.

6.  The American cockroach has shown a marked attraction towards alcoholic beverages, especially beer. It is very likely that you are attracted to alcohol mixed with hops and sugar.

7.  The largest cockroach in the world (one life in South America) is six inches long and has a wingspan of one foot in length. On average, cockroaches can be between ½ and 2 inches long.

8.  It was created that cockroaches originated more than 280 million years ago, in the Carboniferous era.

9.  There are more than 4,000 species of cockroaches worldwide, including the most common species such as the German cockroach, as well as other common species such as the cockroach of the brown band and the American cockroach.

10.Because there are cold-blooded insects, cockroaches can live without food for a month, but they only survive a week without water.

11.Super insect: We have heard on many occasions that the only survivor of a nuclear bomb would be the cockroach. Although this has not been proven literally, studies have been conducted that determine that cockroaches can survive 6 to 15 times the amount of radiation needed to kill humans. The cockroaches are only overcome by the fruit fly that can withstand 3 times more doses, or the parasitoid wasp that holds almost 10 times more; even the flour beetle can withstand 100 times the lethal dose of humans. Its great resistance to radioactivity places it on the list.

12.Contribute to global warming, Studies have shown that cockroaches after death continue to release methane for up to 18 hours. On a global scale, flatulence of insects is estimated to account for 20% of all methane emissions. This puts the cockroach as one of the biggest contributors to global warming.

cockroach can fly

13.They can become cunning: Something truly fascinating is that cockroaches usually stay upside down pretending to be dead to protect themselves from hunters and then escape. While most cockroaches die on their backs due to the contraction of their legs at that time, many adopt this behavior as a defense mechanism. It is also common for insecticides to provoke spasms that eventually flips them, remaining in that typical position. Obviously if you manage to crush a cockroach with your shoe, it is unlikely to turn around.

14.They have memory: Cockroaches can develop long-term memory thanks to the visual and olfactory association. They have been able to distinguish between right and left in labyrinths; so they find it easier to learn at night than in the day. As for the nervous system of the cockroach, many of its innate behaviors are subordinated to reflexes, processes involving a peripheral sensory neuron, an association neuron and, at least, a motor neuron, so that it can be said that the cockroach “thinks” with the periphery.

15.Cockroaches can be regenerated: The cockroach can regenerate its members. It is capable of delaying its changes and regenerating legs or its lost wings in the next moult. a Deadpool. It can also develop immunological memory when exposed to microbial or chemical threats, a feature that makes it indisputably resistant and immune to almost everything. They are obviously difficult to eradicate, to the point that they can learn to avoid traumatic places like corners where there is poison or other threats

16.Culinary preferences of the cockroach: This diner was initially considered an omnivore, however it seems that it has preferences for foods that have starch, fats and sugars, everything that could be in a typical kitchen. However, when you are in stages of austerity you can be happy with wood, thanks to its microorganisms in your digestive system that digest cellulose. Likewise, you can ingest glue without any problem for a bad digestion. In extreme periods it can devour its dead companions, although these insects do not usually attack each other to get food. It should be noted that a cockroach is able to survive without water for more than a month, and if it feels the need, it can absorb moisture from the environment in which it is found through its body.

17.Cockroaches can not fly: Although many cockroach species have wings, they can not fly, although they can “fall with style”. Their wings only allow to plan short distances. It is much easier for a cockroach to run around the place than to try to fly.

18.Cockroaches like beer: Like any of us, yes, cockroaches love beer! An authentic madness, right? Studies have shown that cockroaches are very fond of a good cold beer, so if you have a cockroach infestation, that pack of beers in your fridge could disappear very soon. Their fondness for “the blonde” is not given by their supposed “party liking”, they are actually attracted to the sugars and hops found in this drink.

19.Die with the legs up: Cockroaches die naturally with their legs up as they contract and turn around. So if we see one of these insects at home and we are very disgusted to kill it, it is best to try to turn around since they themselves are unable to return to right. This will cause that throughout the days they die by the lack of food.

20.The cockroaches are almost blind: They see practically nothing, but this is not important because thanks to their antennas they are perfectly guided detecting any type of vibration or temperature change.

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