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Best dubia roaches for sale

We have a wide variety of very nutritious live cockroaches to feed your pets, whether reptiles or birds. You can also have the cockroaches to raise them or buy some food chow for breeding the dubia cockroaches, Dubia Roach Chow Cricket Food . We have dubia roaches for sale, and madagascar cockroaches, Turkestan Cockroach.

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Live bláptica Dubia Roaches for Feeding yours pets, the best protein for your pets

The Blaptica dubia is a species of medium / large cockroach that reach up to 45 mm in size. This cockroach is used to feed animals in their different sizes, especially as live insects. In its nutritional composition highlights its high protein content (59% dry weight) and its low amount of fat (23% dry weight).

Cockroaches are a type of live food with a high nutritional value, have a high level of protein and a low fat, being ideal as a basis for feeding reptiles such as Geckos, Bearded Dragon, Chameleon, Water Turtles, Mammals such as Urchins of Earth and Petauro of the Sugar, Birds and Arachnids.

  • From crops with controlled environment
  • Free of chemicals or parasites

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Live Dubia Roaches for Feeding Reptiles (10, Adult Male) by Blaptica dubia
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  • Dubia are very nutritious with a high meat to shell ratio
  • 22% protein and 283 ppm calcium

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We offer a natural diet with compound feed and varied fruit and vegetable supplements, resulting in a quality live food without chemical additives.

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DUBIA COCKROACH (Blaptica dubia)

The bláptica dubia cockroach is one of the insect species most recommended as a live food. If you are looking for a place specialized in the sale of live cockroaches, in Proteinsecta we can offer you different options according to your expectations.

The number of known cockroaches is approximately 3500. Evolutionarily, cockroaches belong to the oldest class of insects: the flying ones and are supposed to live in the same way, without change, for 350 million years. The cockroach dubia comes from Argentina.

For the cockroach a flattened body is typical, that of the dubia cockroach measures about 4 cm. The head dominates a large thorax and a pair of long filiform horns composed of many items. The wings are composed of two pairs.

The color of cockroaches is not very marked, they usually have a brown, brown-black or yellowish body (some tropical cockroaches can have very bright colors).

Like crickets, cockroaches after “stripping” are white and this time is best to use as bait. The adult females lay every six months the ovoteques full of eggs from which small cockroaches leave after a month. Nymphs mature sexually after half a year.

The raising of cockroaches is not difficult. To reproduce the room temperature is enough. Cockroaches (unlike crickets) are not cannibals, which is a big advantage – in a box we can breed cockroaches of various sizes without being afraid of eating each other. As bait we can use all stages of cockroach development.

Food: The cockroach eats almost everything that is of organic origin – we give it varied bran, cereals, meat meal, feed for cats or dogs, bread, kitchen scraps. As a source of water, fruit and vegetables are enough.

The cockroach dubia lives approximately 1 year.

Where are the dubia roaches from?

Central and South America: common from French Guiana to Brazil and Argentina. Although due to their exploitation as live food they have been distributed by most of the globe.

What is the size of Dubia cockroaches?

From newborns to adulthood they range from 3 mm to 4.5 cm

What is the life expectancy of Dubia roaches?

  • About 2 years.
  • They reach sexual maturity in 4 or 5 months.
  • From that moment they will begin to reproduce.

How do dubia cockroaches share?

  • They are unable to climb smooth surfaces and rather clumsy in general.
  • They have photophobia and are very scary. As soon as you open the box they will run to hide.
  • When offering them as live food, care must be taken in terrariums with deep substrates or with many recesses. They will be buried / hidden and your animals will have a hard time capturing them.
  • Unlike crickets, they don’t sing, they can’t cannibalize and they don’t bite.

Why are dubia roaches excellent for live food?

It is one of the best known cockroaches and used by breeders and reptile lovers due to its high protein content, low amount of fat and with a good proportion Ca: P (Calcium / Phosphorus).

Another reason why the Bliaptica Dubia is the best species to use as a live food is that they are not able to climb any smooth surface, which helps a lot to those who do not decide for fear of escaping and forming a pest at home (practically impossible since for the cockroaches to breed they need a constant temperature of about 28 degrees).

Characteristics as live food

It is very difficult to obtain reliable data on their nutritional values ​​but some relative values ​​will help us.

High in protein, low in fat and with a good proportion Ca: P (Calcium / Phosphorus)

What do dubia cockroaches eat?

Dubia Bláptica cockroach eats practically everything, we advise a varied diet in vegetables, fruit and feed, such as: zucchini, carrot, apple, banana, orange, potato, Feed for cockroaches, etc.

By giving them this varied diet it is not necessary to give them water, since they acquire it from the food.

What to consider to feed dubia cockroaches?

We will be careful when the food is put into disrepair so as not to attract mites and other undesirable bugs although it does not usually give time. The dubias are very voracious and rarely leave any food.

How to care for cockroaches dubia?

To properly maintain our cockroaches we recommend placing them in plastic containers for better cleaning and inside cardboard egg cups, to expand the surface and so that they can hide and protect from light. The ideal temperature so that they are active and in turn eat and reproduce correctly is 28-30ºC, at a lower temperature we will see them diminished and at a higher temperature they can die and dehydrate quickly.


Newspaper or nothing are the best options. Not adding substrate together with the high temperatures that we will use make all the depositions of the douds dry almost immediately thus eliminating any unpleasant odor and greatly facilitating cleaning.

All the rest is to complicate the cleaning tasks and really the dubias do not use it.

With cleaning is soil once a month is enough.


No special lighting is necessary, photophobia is observed. It is better to keep them in a dark area. They do not like light at all and will always seek refuge in the dark.


About 27ºC. Its optimum range is 24ºC to 35ºC. The higher the temperature, the faster the reproduction speed.

We will reach this temperature through thermal blankets or thermal cables. If you have several different crops you can put a single thermal cable through them all (always outside the box) and thus save energy.

Below 20 degrees do not reproduce.


The ambient humidity will be sufficient as long as it does not fall below 50%. If we put fresh vegetables on them every day, it will not be necessary to put an external source of water on them, but it is always convenient to put a lid with water-gel or a drinking fountain for capillarity.


The Blaptica dubia are ovoviviparous animals (they lay eggs but retain them inside them to give birth to live young) and we must not do anything special for them to reproduce.

  • Once they reach maturity the females take out their ooteca through the last abdominal segment and wait for a male to fertilize them.
  • Each month they will give birth from 20 to 40 offspring that will be independent immediately. Young do not need special care.
  • This will be repeated every month throughout the life of the female.
  • The number of pups decreases with the age of the female.

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