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Get rid of or control all type of cockroaches

There are 4 types of cockroaches that are the most harmful to the health of people, these are the German cockroach, the American cockroach, the oriental and finally the brown banded.

Learn how to get rid of or control these types of cockroaches

The American cockroach

The American cockroach is a creature that causes many people to paralyze. Every time they appear, the screams break the silence of any place. They are animals that feel comfortable within cracks and small spaces.

They are insects that live mainly outdoors. However, it is common to find them in structures together with humans, since this type of environment provides them with warmth, humidity, water and food.

Your average life is approximately 20 months. They are considered one of the most abundant species of cockroaches worldwide. They are animals that live in groups and reproduce rapidly.

The Oriental cockroach

There is a great variety of cockroach species in the world, most of them live in their natural habitat. However, the growing urbanism has made them migrate and seek to share spaces with people. The oriental cockroach, also known as the black cockroach or water cockroach, is native to Europe and North Africa, it is one of the species that can invade our home.

These animals are attracted to wet, dark areas and with enough food to reproduce. In the interior they usually look for water sources such as bathrooms, kitchen, drains or basements. As well as dark and narrow places such as interior doors, cabinets, appliances, false ceilings, drawers and all that environment without the proper toilet.

The German cockroach

Your name probably will not ring, but we assure you that if you’ve ever had cockroaches at home or at your premises, it’s more than likely that it was the German cockroach type.

They are one of the most common types, belonging to the blatella germanica species, and you will recognize them by their brown color. Its size is between 1.3 cm and 1.6 cm and … Yes, we are sorry to inform you that they have wings.

It is considered one of the pests ‘paradigm’ of places where food is handled, such as bars, coffee shops, restaurants or grocery stores and food, and therefore can appear in any building that has a kitchen or canteen, such as schools, hospitals or any office that has a food handling area.

This is due to the predilection of this species of cockroach for starchy foods such as potatoes, bread or any that is made with flour in much of its composition.

In addition, its species is capable of reproducing up to six generations in a single year. Its favorite place is usually a humid and warm place, and of course, they are a source of transmission of bacteria and germs harmful to health. But do not worry, because if they have arrived in the form of an unexpected visit, there are different ways to eliminate the German cockroach.

The Brown banded cockroach

The brown band cockroach is of African origin, is a domestic species whose name derives from two prominent brown bands, present in the body of nymphs and adults. This insect has a great resemblance to the German cockroach and it is very easy to confuse them.

This species is also known as the “furniture cockroach” because it tends to be distributed in environments that do not contain food, such as the bedroom, under the tables and behind the paintings on the walls.

The life expectancy of adult cockroaches is 3-4 months. Unlike other species, the brown-banded cockroach likes to live in dry places, away from water and humidity. Their diet is mainly based on inedible materials, such as wallpaper, glue, paper, bindings, upholstery, among others.

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