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How get rid of or control American cockroach

The American cockroach is the largest cockroach commonly found in homes. Despite its name, the American cockroach is not native to North America, but it is likely to have been introduced through ships from Africa in the 1600s. Female cockroaches can have up to 150 young per year and as a species get their wings when they become adults. Here you will find the most common methods to get rid of american cockroach.

American cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

The life cycle. The capsule of the American cockroach contains 14-16 eggs. The nymphs emerge approximately in six weeks and leave their skin 13 times in the following 18 months, before reaching the sexually mature adult stage. During warm conditions, adult females produce a capsule in about a week and can live more than a year. American cockroaches seem to have a very large potential to produce offspring. But because of the cold winters in the northern states, American cockroaches develop at a slower level and produce fewer offspring than in the southern states.

Behavior and habitat. American female cockroaches stick or place their capsule in places where the young are more likely to survive. In the northern states, American cockroaches are plentiful in many of the city sewers. They can also be found in businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries and other places where food is prepared and stored. They are most common in boilers, hot steam tunnels, in basements around pipes and around water heaters and wet floors of drains. American cockroaches can coexist with German cockroaches.

It is not usual to see the American cockroaches in the northern states, the German and Oriental cockroaches if they are in the northern states. American cockroaches prefer hotter, more humid places like the southern states. American cockroach feces, even if you do not believe it, can be as large as the droppings of mice. American cockroaches are known as “drunkards of birth”, they have a great desire to consume alcohol that is fermented, like beer. Several cockroaches have been found in restaurants with almost empty beer bottles. An attractant that loves American cockroaches is bread soaked in beer, this bait is perfect to attract them. The traps must be inspected continuously, because the American cockroaches live a long time.

How get rid of or control American cockroach?

  • Although American cockroaches are less common than other species, they can occasionally become a problem in Nebraska housing. They are found in all the places where oriental cockroaches are found. If evidence of American cockroaches is found, follow the recommendations of the specific treatments given for German and Oriental cockroaches.
  • Some habitats are especially attractive to American cockroaches and specifically should be investigated. These areas are very hot, humid, such as boiler rooms, steam tunnels, hot water drains, around pipes that provide hot water, and heat pipes.
  • In general, liquid, aerosol, and LPU formulations will lose their power quickly in hot, humid conditions. Powder and bait applications, if done correctly, will be less affected by heat and humidity and will last longer than liquid formulations.

Chemical control methods to get rid of american cockroach

They are made from chemical compounds, mostly toxic. There are professional use and some over-the-counter that can be used by anyone without specific training. Within these treatments we have: baits, growth regulators and aerosols.

How to get rid of or control american cockroaches with boric acid?

The American cockroach lives in unhygienic environments. It can spread diseases, contaminate our food and cause allergies and even asthma. Like the rest of the cockroaches can collect germs in their legs while crawling through the decaying matter or wastewater and then transfer these germs to food or on the surfaces of food.

Boric acid is a substance found in products such as laundry detergent and toothpaste, but it can also be one of the best remedies for get rid of or control American cockroach. Unfortunately, it is difficult to apply since air currents can spread it to areas where children and pets can come in contact with the product. To avoid such problems, mix boric acid with water because, in this way, it is not very toxic to people and pets, but deadly to cockroaches.

Get rid of or control American cockroach with baits

They are toxic chemicals, which are used as food for cockroaches. There are different presentations such as: powders, gels, glues, pastes or granules, which are applied inside cracks, corners, holes and closed spaces, in order to get rid of or control American cockroach. Although their toxicity is very low, they should stay away from people and animals.

Growth regulators IGR for get rid of or control American cockroach

They are products for professional use and slow action. This chemical control for get rid of or control American cockroach does not kill it, it only inhibits its development and growth. These regulators make adults sterile, unable to reproduce.

Aerosol sprays for get rid of or control American cockroach

They are manufactured to get rid of or control American cockroach individually. There are a variety of brands and presentations in the market. It is recommended to apply the product in open spaces since it can cause effects on animals and humans

Boric acid for get rid of or control American cockroach

Boric acid has been available as a quality pesticide for almost 60 years. To use this product in your home, you must learn a little more about its composition, its effectiveness and its application to get rid of or control american cockroach / or prevent cockroach infestations.

Boric acid, sometimes also called borax, is a chemical compound in the form of a white powder soluble in water. It is a weak acid that contains boron, hydrogen and oxygen.

This substance kills cockroaches when it touches their bodies. By establishing themselves in their bodies, they will gradually make their way through the individual’s nervous and digestive systems.

Diatomaceous earth for get rid of or control American cockroach

This formula is also effective for other types of insects such as mosquitoes or mites. It contains remains of fossilized organisms and is very effective at get rid of or control American cockroach, but also prevents the appearance of pests when used on plants. These are some of the most effective home remedies to eliminate cockroaches, however, there are many more.

Non-chemical control methods for get rid of american cockroach

If you do not want to use harmful products that can affect your health, there are natural alternatives of high effectiveness such as inorganic powders, two of the most used are boric acid and sodium bicarbonate.

Other natural methods include submerging the animal in hot soapy water until it is drowned, and the most used by many is to crush it with an object or shoe. Other homemade recipes that we can use are:

Sugar and baking soda

Combining sugar with bicarbonate in equal proportions and placing in corners is an effective way to eradicate the American cockroach. Its sweet flavor will attract it and the bicarbonate will act on its acid stomach.

Adhesive tape

Use a high-strength adhesive tape, you can get it at hardware stores, ask for the most effective. Chop pieces and place with the glue up in corners and behind the objects where you think they frequent the cockroaches.

Use the traps preferably at night and place something sweet on a part of the adhesive tape to attract the animal. In the morning you will see how the cockroaches will be attached to the surface. You just have to remove and throw away.

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