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Get rid of Brown banded cockroach or smoky brown cockroach?

The brown band cockroach is of African origin, is a domestic species whose name derives from two prominent brown bands, present in the body of nymphs and adults. This insect has a great resemblance to the German cockroach and it is very easy to confuse them. Here you will find the most common methods to get rid of brown banded cockroach for your life and smoky brown cockroach insecticide for sale in amazon a affordable price.

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Brown band cockroach (Supella longipalpa)

The brown banded cockroach scientific name are supella longipalpa, they are yellowish brown with two transverse and lighter parallel bands crossing the base of the wings and abdomen. They are smaller than the German cockroaches (1-1.5 cm). Males have the ability to fly if disturbed. The females carry the ootheca in tow for a couple of days and then release it somewhere safe.


The life cycle. The capsule, which contains 13-18 eggs, is stuck to the hidden places in the habitat, such as in the furniture, behind the paintings, the walls and the ceilings. The pups leave the capsule in approximately 50 days. In the life of the brood (approximately six months), the brown striped cockroach female roach (also known as the brown stripe cockroach and brown band cockroach) can deposit up to 14 capsules.

This species often hides its eggs in or under the furniture and usually lives for 5-6 months and a half.


  • Size: ½ inch
  • Shape: oval
  • Color: Brown, with light brown roach bands across the wings
  • Legs: 6

Brown banded cockroaches babies

Brown banded cockroach baby or Nymphs leave their skin six to eight times in a period of five to six months, before leaving as sexually mature adults with wings already developed. Brown ray male cockroaches fly easily when disturbed. Only one brown-spotted female cockroach has the potential to produce approximately 250 offspring. But, for the long time it takes for the nymphs to become sexually mature adults, large populations do not reproduce. The reproductive potential of the German cockroach is as fast as those of the German cockroach.

In addition, since the capsules are attached to objects of the environment, they are susceptible to drying, to being attacked by fungi and other mortality factors which contribute to a low rate of offspring. Brown ray cockroach infestations are less common than those of German cockroaches.

See picture of brown banded cockroach below.

Stripe Roach Coffee

Behavior and habitat of Brown banded cockroach

Where do brown banded cockroaches come from? The largest populations of brown ray cockroaches can be found in areas with high temperatures. They do not need as much water as German cockroaches, so they multiply often in the driest places. They are often found in places at eye level or higher, such as in cabinets, around cupboard bins, behind tables, in warm areas near refrigerator motors, electric clocks, and televisions. Other favorite places of habitat are those around the reinforcements of the chairs and the kitchen table, around the objects on the walls and in the showers. Their capsules can be found attached to rough surfaces such as walls and textured ceilings but can also be found around the kitchen sink (sink), desks, tables and other furniture.

As Inspections. The inspections are similar to those of German cockroaches, but also look for feces, skins that have been left, live or dead cockroaches and capsules that are stuck in the places that are in the highest and driest areas. Since brown ray cockroaches take more time to develop and incubate eggs, it is especially important to watch them for a long time.

How to avoid an infestation and get rid of brown banded cockroach?

How to get rid of brown banded cockroaches? The first step to control and get rid of Brown banded cockroach is to correctly identify this species. This prefers warm and dry environments, places like cracks, appliances and storage cabinets must be inspected carefully.

The used baits should be checked and changed monthly until the population decreases. Additionally, it is important to review and modify the physical structure of the place, making the filling of cracks. This can help reduce its population.

The use of pesticides may be necessary when the infestation is intense, in which case a combination of a liquid insecticide and an insect growth regulator can be placed in cracks and dark spaces.

The fight against cockroaches is based on preventive measures related to the constant observance of sanitary and technical standards for the maintenance of the facilities. The cockroach feces contain a chemical (aggregation pheromone) that causes attraction between them. Eliminating stools will decrease pheromones and their proliferation.

With this species an in-depth inspection is required, since they are not limited only to the need for humidity in kitchens and bathrooms. They are most commonly found in other rooms within the house.

How to get rid of Brown banded roaches?

Since brown ray cockroaches have a reduced need for water compared to the other species of cockroaches, they can be found in all rooms of the house, apartment, or building. In addition to all the places that were mentioned by the German cockroaches, possibly they are going to have to apply treatments in other places to get rid of Brown banded cockroach .

  • Check decorations and frames around windows, doors, and closets to discover smoky brown cockroach. If a treatment is necessary, use a liquid or spray application for cracks and crevices, or a gel bait application
  • Examine the pictures, wall hangings, and other decorations on the walls carefully to discover brown banded cockroach nest. These places are especially common for brown stingray infestations. If infestations are found, use freezing treatments, gel or child-resistant baits, or crack and crevice sprays.
  • Check television, stereo, radio, watches, and other appliances with electric motors that have warm microclimate areas. Be very careful when applying the treatments because of the possibility of electric shock. Use freezing treatments where possible, and apply a very thin layer of powder to the others. It may be that some of the crack and crevice aerosols are also labeled for use with electrical appliances.
  • Texture ceilings are a common place where the female brown-spotted cockroach places the capsules. Physically remove the capsules, paint the ceiling to prevent the cockroaches from returning, and apply a gel bait with localized treatment if necessary. • Furniture with drawers in the bedroom and in the living room are attractive places for the brown stripe cockroach. If infestations or evidence of cockroaches are found, apply a treatment to the inside of the furniture using a liquid insecticide, spray, or LPU for cracks and crevices or apply insecticide baits.

Other furniture, such as chairs and sofas, can also be infested. If there is evidence that they have cockroaches, apply a liquid, aerosol, or LPU treatment for cracks and crevices in the bottom of the furniture

  • Hollow places such as curtain rods, table legs, and the tall lamps are also important hiding places for brown ray cockroaches. Treat these areas as well as places with cracks and crevices, or carefully apply small amounts of dust. Baits are also especially effective in these places.

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Control methods to get rid of Brown banded cockroach

Get rid of Brown banded cockroac requires patience, persistence and a combination of chemical and non-chemical methods. Traps, glues, gels, powders, insecticides and freezes are some of the treatments you can apply to eradicate this plague.

As this species is purely native, an integrated approach to pest control could be implemented for domestic cockroaches. As with the German cockroaches, the brown band cockroaches are the most difficult to eradicate due to their multifamily structures.

To eliminate these cockroaches in a precise and complete way, you must attack them with several tools:

Use bait
Insecticidal powders
Growth regulators
Pheromone traps

If you see a brown band cockroach and you are not alone, a colony of cockroaches has surely invaded your spaces. Therefore, it is advisable to use the services of a specialized exterminator.

Chemical control methods

The use of insecticides involves spraying chemicals in the form of aerosols. Baits are also used as effective control methods. Baits usually come in granular formulations, plastic stations or large syringes for gel applications.

Insect growth regulators require an action time of four to six weeks for a noticeable decrease in the cockroach population. But the control is more durable than other contact insecticides, because the cockroaches can no longer reproduce once exposed.

The powders are slow acting, but they can provide lasting control. Boric acid is probably the most commonly used powder for the control of cockroaches. It is most effective indoors where areas are clean and dry.

Non-chemical control methods

Brown banded cockroach home remedies are non-chemical methods to trap and get rid of Brown banded cockroach are very varied, one of the most used effective methods is the application of adhesive boxes. Treatment by overheating or freezing is also possible, but it is a technique that requires specific skills

Adhesive boxes

They are traps to get rid of Brown banded cockroach infestation in a simple and clean way, without the use of poisonous products, since they only incorporate attractive foods. The cockroaches are attracted to the interior of the box and these are trapped inside.

The most recommended areas to place it: close to furniture, in corners and cracks, behind appliances and garbage cans. It is also advisable to place them on the floor and on the shelf near the food.

Onion bait and boric acid

This recipe contains boric acid, wheat flour, sugar, onion and water. With these simple ingredients you can create a quite effective to get rid of Brown banded cockroach. To make this bait just chop the onion finely and mix with the other ingredients to form a dough.

Create small balls and distribute them in the different places where the brown band cockroach frequents. Avoid contact with children and pets. This recipe can be used immediately or saved and used when required, just add a little water if it hardens.

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