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How to get rid of or control oriental cockroaches?

We list the measures to be taken into account in order to get rid of the oriental quaraarachas in an efficient way. If you follow these steps you will control this plague that causes so many problems in our home and kitchen.

The Oriental Cockroach (Blatta orientalis)

The life cycle. An Eastern female cockroach produces fewer offspring than female German cockroaches or brown stingrays. She can produce up to eight capsules in one season, but fewer capsules (as few as one per year) occur in areas where the winter is cold, like in Nebraska. The number of offspring can be as low as 16, which is the number of eggs in a capsule that is perfectly formed.

Lifecycle of oriental cockroaches

  • Nymphs can take up to 9 months to reach the adult stage.
  • Each ootheca can contain up to 16 eggs
  • .The females expel the ootheca without waiting for the eggs to mature.
  • The incubation period lasts two months.

Appearance of oriental cockroaches

  • Very dark brown color, sometimes almost black.
  • 20 -25mm long.
  • The wings are not developed in the females, while in the males they cover ¾ parts of the body.

How fast do these oriental cockroaches grow and multiply?

Within two days after the capsule is produced, it is placed in an isolated area containing abundant food. Approximately two months later, the nymphs come out and are more active from spring to full summer. At the beginning of spring, only the eastern adult cockroaches are found; but at the end of spring the nymphs are plentiful, and the adults begin to die. By autumn, most individual cockroaches are adults. As for the brown ray species, the capsules are susceptible to drying, to being attacked by fungi and to cannibalism by other cockroaches, if any other food is scarce.

Behavior and habitat. Oriental cockroaches are sometimes called water bugs by people who do not realize they are a type of cockroach. This nickname reflects its affinity for slightly wet and damp places. Oriental cockroaches differ from the other three species because they can live outside in the northern part of the United States. Outside the house, oriental cockroaches are found where there is enough organic material, such as wood chips or mulch, between the ground and the foundations, under the bricks of the yard and sidewalks. Sometimes they accumulate under garbage cans. During hot and dry periods, they may crawl in to find places that are slightly wet and more humid. Inside the houses, they are found in basements, especially in cool, wet places like bathrooms and drains. The narrow, small spaces below the house, which can only be accessed by crawling, can be infested with oriental cockroaches that can invade the houses.

Inspections of oriental cockroaches

Inspections. Infestations will generally be found in areas of high humidity and cool temperatures, usually in basements or on low-level floors. If you repeatedly observe oriental cockroaches on your upper floor, look for some hidden moisture problem.

In basements, infestations of these insects can sometimes be found when examining cobwebs. In the houses without basements, in the narrow and small spaces located underneath the house, for which there is only crawling access, can be the source of oriental cockroaches. In kitchens and bathrooms, look around kitchen sinks, sinks, tubs and check plumbing for dripping pipes. Oriental cockroaches produce large fecal spots indicating the presence of wet feces (Figure 3-10), live or dead cockroaches and capsules. Low populations of oriental cockroaches may exist in a dwelling, but it is possible that the inhabitants of the dwelling will only observe them for a month or two during the spring when they are most active. Be careful! The number of eastern cockroaches observed in the spring may seem low or under control, but they will multiply in the middle of summer.

How to avoid an oriental cockroaches infestation and get rid of?

Changing the interior of the environment for the black cockroaches will contribute positively to the fight against these insects. The packaging of food, the exclusion of moisture and waste, are the first steps to successfully eliminate this pest.

We must not forget that it is necessary to completely avoid the penetration of insects into the space of kitchen cabinets, despite their general lethargy, these pests quickly find new ways to enter the places where food is stored.

It is important to seal the penetration routes of these insects. Water and sewer pipes, under the doors or gaps between the window frame and the doors, are the preferred locations of the eastern cockroach.

The fight against cockroaches is based on preventive measures related to the constant observance of sanitary and technical standards for the maintenance of spaces. The heat, water and food are their source of life, depriving them of at least one of them can diminish their population.

How to get rid of or control oriental cockroaches?

Oriental cockroaches require cool temperatures, high humidity, and have to have water available for drinking. They can be found in the places mentioned above for German cockroaches, but they are concentrated in basements, bathrooms, rooms where clothes are washed, and under the kitchen sink. Follow the same recommendations for the treatment as those of the German cockroaches and also those mentioned here.

How to get rid of or control oriental cockroaches Outside:

Apply a band / perimeter treatment with a liquid, aerosol or LPU insecticide in all external areas to enter (especially in the doorways), around the perimeter of the basement foundations and in other flat construction areas (garage, patios) , sidewalks, and stairs)

  • Reduce vegetation near the foundations of the house.
  • Treat cracks and crevices and / or localized treatment with a liquid, aerosol, or LPU insecticide in all outdoor public services that enter the structure (telephone, television cable, natural gas, water). Seal the entrances to public utilities
  • Again apply the treatments in all outdoor areas mentioned here as necessary during the hottest months.The Interior of the House:
  • Check the narrow and small spaces located under the house and basement areas that contain exposed ground. If cockroaches or evidence of cockroaches are found, make applications for cracks and crevices in liquid, aerosol, or LPU applications on the undersides of the floor joists, around the vents and windows, and the wood which is located above the foundations. You may also want to apply the baits in insecticide applications

Control methods for get rid of or control oriental cockroaches

To combat the eastern cockroach, it is important to conduct a thorough preliminary examination to determine the degree of infestation and find places where black cockroaches can be sheltered.

The use of poisonous substances can be an effective method to control the populations of this type of insects, until their complete elimination. However, we must be careful with its use. We can also use natural alternatives, with lower effectiveness but less dangerous for humans and pets.

Chemical control methods

The perimeter treatment of spaces with insecticidal sprays can help reduce the number of oriental cockroaches. Sprayers should be applied to create a continuous barrier around the walls.

Use only those medications that are labeled for this use. It is important to note that the application of aerosols is of little importance in the fight against the eastern cockroach. This chemical method will only help disperse cockroaches, which makes the process of their destruction difficult and time consuming.

If the chemical methods can not stop the reproduction of the oriental cockroach, it only remains to contract an extermination service of insects, these will help you to get rid of them forever.

Methods of non-chemical control

You can get rid of the pests with diatomite, glue, ammonia, boric acid or pyrethrum (natural insecticidal powder). These substances are poisonous to the cockroach, but are safe for humans. They can be added to foods that attract insects.

Eliminate the oriental cockroach with the help of an ultrasonic repellent Eliminate the oriental cockroach, it is possible with the help of an ultrasonic repellent. This device is sold today in stores for household items, flowers and others. Generally the waves are harmless to humans. After 2 or 3 weeks, they will leave.

There are some home methods to eradicate this plague. Inside of which we have the beer trap and the oil trap. They are slow-acting forms of elimination, but they can be highly effective.

Beer trap

Take a deep plate or container with lubricated and slippery edges, add beer to attract, mixed with boric acid, ammonia and food on the surface of the liquid. The trap is placed in places where the eastern cockroach frequents. Now to wait for the animal to slip and fall into the trap.

Oil trap

Pour vegetable oil mixed with boric acid and ammonia. In the background add some sweet substance such as honey or sugar. Put in strategic places and wait for the eastern cockroach to enter the container and get trapped.

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