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Cockroach traps

Vast to make homemade cockroach traps, here you will find a wide selection of sticky glue traps, liquid cockroach traps, all reusable and best traps for cockroaches all here. Catch the cockroaches and keep them away from you, these traps are perfect for your apartment, kitchen or bathroom.

Recommended cockroach traps

Now it’s time to use the traps so you have a better idea of ​​the size and location of the cockroach infestation. We suggest sticky traps because they are easy to buy and use. Both sticky traps, with bait and no bait, are available.

sticky Cockroach traps

The sticky traps with bait are soaked with aggregation pheromone and can catch more cockroaches, but those that do not carry bait will work well to locate the infestations. Banana extract is another substance that attracts cockroaches.

To make your own traps with bait, add a few drops of banana extract to the center of the trap. Be sure to use the same kinds of traps to make your comparisons valid.

How to use the glue Cockroach traps?

They are simple to use, there is no cutting-edge or innovative technology involved, this is a traditional method. The sticky area is small. The manufacturers assure users that this will be enough to catch dozens of insects. There are no complex attractants within the traps, although the chocolate odor of the glue and some aromas were used. These traps can be more effective if you are placed bait to attract cockroaches.

Where do I put the Cockroach traps?

Place traps near cracks and crevices, in sources of moisture or food or where you have seen evidence of cockroaches. Dark corners are good places. The number of traps you will need depends on how extensive the infestation is. In more infested places, more traps will be needed.

Keep in mind that you will only catch the cockroaches when the traps are placed within five to six feet of the infested areas, and the closer the trap is to the infested area, the more cockroaches it will trap.

When placing traps, consider all possible areas from floor to ceiling. If traps do not trap any cockroaches, move them. In addition to setting traps in known areas of infestation, you should also place enough traps to “cover” suspect infestation areas (with German cockroaches this it means the kitchen and the bathrooms).

Put at least one Cockroach traps in each of the following places:

  • next to or behind the toilet,
  • under the bathroom sink,
  • next to the shower or tub,
  • below the kitchen sink,
  • behind, below or to the side of the refrigerator,
  • to the side of, under or behind the stove,
  • behind each kitchen cabinet,
  • to the side or under the heater of water (if one is available),
  • behind or to the side of the washing machine,
  • behind or next to the automatic dishwasher.

Where can I buy Cockroach traps?

In addition to Cockroach traps, in our store we have:

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