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Live Roaches and food made of cockroaches

We have a wide variety of very nutritious live cockroaches to feed your pets, whether reptiles or birds. You can also have the cockroaches to raise them or buy some food chow for breeding the dubia cockroaches, Dubia Roach Chow Cricket Food . We have dubia roaches for sale, and madagascar cockroaches, Turkestan Cockroach.

Live bláptica Dubia Roaches for Feeding yours pets, the best protein for your pets

The Blaptica dubia is a species of medium / large cockroach that reach up to 45 mm in size. This cockroach is used to feed animals in their different sizes, especially as live insects. In its nutritional composition highlights its high protein content (59% dry weight) and its low amount of fat (23% dry weight).

Cockroaches are a type of live food with a high nutritional value, have a high level of protein and a low fat, being ideal as a basis for feeding reptiles such as Geckos, Bearded Dragon, Chameleon, Water Turtles, Mammals such as Urchins of Earth and Petauro of the Sugar, Birds and Arachnids.

  • From crops with controlled environment
  • Free of chemicals or parasites

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Live Dubia Roaches for Feeding Reptiles (10, Adult Male) by Blaptica dubia
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  • Dubia are very nutritious with a high meat to shell ratio
  • 22% protein and 283 ppm calcium

ABDRAGONS 2 LB Premium Dubia roaches Chow High Protein Food For Dubia Roaches, Any Roach And Crickets.

We offer a natural diet with compound feed and varied fruit and vegetable supplements, resulting in a quality live food without chemical additives.

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The bláptica dubia cockroach is one of the insect species most recommended as a live food. If you are looking for a place specialized in the sale of live cockroaches, in Proteinsecta we can offer you different options according to your expectations.

Where can I buy live Dubia roaches?

In Amazon you can find a variety of live cockroaches for sale.

In addition to Live Roaches and food, in our store we have:

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