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How to end cockroaches with organic home remedies

The cockroaches, that insects despised by many and that never leaves calm those who tremble with disgust with their presence.
These insects survive extreme situations, for example, if a nuclear bomb exploded … Who would survive? Cockroaches!!

Well, after statements as clear as these are only to analyze: Why do cockroaches appear at home? What is there to kill cockroaches? How to prevent the appearance of cockroaches in the kitchen, bathrooms …?

The cockroach has survived evolution for centuries for its intelligence and ability. It is a very attentive and agile insect. Cockroaches only appear at night or in darkness, they do not leave their cave if there is light. Cockroaches fit everywhere! If we think that they do not go through that site … yes, they fit, they pass, they hide and they can even deposit their eggs there. What do they eat? OF EVERYTHING!! They are like rats, all organic remains found in their path are a delicacy for cockroaches.

For some they are disgusting, disgusting, the crunching of killing them describe it as unpleasant and even causing twitches …

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Organic home remedies and traps to eliminate cockroaches

What do cockroaches like?

  • Live and make your way at night or in the dark, when nobody can see them
  • Wood, cardboard or paper are your best mattress, is where they like to rest.
  • They hide between cracks and crevices in furniture, especially bathroom and kitchen furniture
  • They love the humidity. That’s why we find many cockroaches in the sewers, pipes in the kitchen bathrooms, laundry rooms, heating drains, electricity boxes …
  • Behind the appliances and below these, where organic waste accumulates, it is dark, heats are given off by the motors …
  • Cellars, storage rooms, storage rooms, attics … all those places where food, clothes are stored … Places where there is usually not much human presence, are usually off and, as a rule there is some kind of organic substance that serves as food.

How to prevent cockroaches in a simple way?

  1. Eliminate all kinds of cracks and crevices that may be in the tiles of the bathroom, kitchen countertops, laundry … They can be filled with hot silicone, so then it will be completely hermetic.
  2. Do not accumulate standing water and humidity. For example, after washing our hands dry the sink with a cloth to prevent it from getting wet. When we finish scrubbing the ideal is to dry the sink and cover the drain so they do not locate the wet point of it.
  3. Dry places with high temperatures. For example, behind the living room furniture, where the space is dark, there is no humidity but there is no access … it is a good place for them, removing the dust and moving these furniture, curtains, shelves, books … from time to time and leaving no remains of mop and dust will prevent them from creating their nests there. One of the enemies of cockroaches … THE VACUUM CLEANER !!
  4. The remains of food, food packages … must remain closed hermetically and never leave the dishes of rest on the countertop for a long time … at night our friends could pay us a visit.
  5. Garbage and recycling. Especially in spring-summer we must have the garbage bags, recycled … well closed and if possible the shortest possible time in the same place. The cubes must be closed well and the bags also. The places with excrement and remains of food are one of their favorite places.

Get rid of cockroaches with homemade traps

Getting rid of cockroaches can be a big problem, a challenge that requires perseverance, ingenuity, nerves under control and a steel stomach. Cockroaches are extremely resistant insects, often one of the few survivors of deadly phenomena such as natural disasters and nuclear catastrophes, and they are also very resistant to a wide variety of poisons.

Pesticides are quite toxic and it is preferable to avoid them, so we teach you how to make traps for homemade cockroaches.

Traps for cockroaches with bottles

You can prepare this trap to eliminate cockroaches by sticking strips of packing tape on the outside of a can or bottle, so there is a surface on which they can climb. You could also lay a napkin from the base where you put the container to your mouth, or put it next to a wall.

You can try this trap with a long neck bottle, as long as the design prevents cockroaches from getting out of it. You can cut the top part of the bottle, so that it is funnel-shaped and place it face down, so that it is precisely a funnel, inside the bottom of the bottle. This way you will be able to enter easily but it will be more difficult to get out of the container and they will drown before in the liquid that you place in the lower part of the bottle.

Traps for cockroaches with adhesive tape

At night, when the cockroaches are more active, you can leave pieces of adhesive tape that are strong or packing over the areas where they usually move. You must make sure that the piece of tape has not been used before and that it remains sticky, as well as that the glue or adhesive used in this tape is powerful.

To ensure you attract them, place a bait for cockroaches (an edible that gives off a sweet and / or greasy smell, such as a banana peel, a crumb of bread, butter or any very ripe fruit) at a point in the ribbon not very close to the edges. This way they will be stuck and you will be able to get rid of them more easily.

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Home remedies for cockroaches

To finish teaching you the different ways to prepare traps for homemade cockroaches, we want to show you some of the most common products in the houses or that are easy to get that can serve as home remedies to scare away and eliminate cockroaches at home:

Boric acid for cockroaches

Boric acid is one of the products to eliminate cheaper and easier to get cockroaches, since you can buy it in pharmacies and drugstores. It is a substance must be used with care, avoid consumption or that it touches the mucous membranes, and take special care with children, babies and pets.

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Bicarbonate to eliminate cockroaches

Bicarbonate is a lethal substance for cockroaches. When you mix it with sugar they are attracted by the pleasant smell of this mixture and come to eat it. Make the mixture in equal parts sugar and bicarbonate. By ingesting the mixture the bicarbonate will cause a toxic reaction in your stomach that will kill the insect.

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Cucumber to repel cockroaches

It is one of the best known home remedies for eliminating cockroaches because it drives them away, also serving as a preventive method. All you need is a cucumber and some aluminum foil. Cucumber juices react with this metal and give off a very unpleasant odor that ends up driving cockroaches away.

Other home remedies and homemade traps

You can follow the links in the header of the page to delve into the different remedies to eliminate cockroaches.