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Traps to eliminate cockroaches in a homemade way

If you have a tight budget or prefer to avoid aerosols and other commercial poisons, a homemade cockroach trap may be the right choice for you. There are numerous types of homemade traps, but some are better than others. Next, we give you 3 of the best homemade cockroach traps, but first some tips you should know.

How do homemade cockroach traps work?

Some traps kill cockroaches, while others do exactly what their name says: catch them. Like any other trap, a decoy is used to attract cockroaches. Once attracted, cockroaches become trapped and can not move, or die from poisons.

How should a roach be primed in the Homemade cockroach trap?

Cockroaches are omnivorous creatures, and they are not particularly demanding with what they eat. By nature, these insects are scavengers that will consume almost any source of organic food that they can access.

Because cockroaches eat everything that surrounds them, it is easy enough to attract them. Everything from butter to bread, sugar and even dry dog ​​food can serve as a source of food.

Tip: Cockroaches can survive a week without food, but they can only spend a few days without water. Placing traps with dry food will cause them to dehydrate and die faster.

Homemade fat cockroach trap method

This trap will not kill cockroaches, but it will trap them in a bottle where they will eventually become dehydrated or starve.

The method is simple:

  •  Apply grease to the inside edges of a can or bottle, and place a delicious food in the bottom of the greased container. The cockroaches will be attracted to the bait, and the grease will prevent them from crawling out of the bottle.
  • The food or fat will not actually kill the cockroaches, but they will be trapped in the jar or container. If you leave them there, they will eventually starve or become dehydrated.

You can also use this method to collect a large percentage of the cockroaches in your home and immediately kill them with an insect spray.

Another variation of this method is to use a soda bottle instead of a regular container:

  • Cut the top half of the soda bottle with a sharp knife.
  • Apply Vaseline or grease to the inside of the lower half of the bottle.
  • Add the bait to the lower half of the container.
  • Flip the top half of the bottle and place it on top of the bottom half of the bottle to create a funnel.
  • The cockroaches will make their way to the funnel, fall to the bottom of the bottle and can never crawl out.

If you find that the cockroaches are escaping from your homemade pitcher trap, the plastic soda bottle method may be the best option for you.

Elindio: Non-toxic trap for cockroaches

This efficient and reusable cockroach trap is designed specifically to catch cockroaches of all sizes without letting them die everywhere, like carpets, cabinets, closets or drawers in the house. Easy to clean and does not need to use pesticides, is not toxic and is safe for children and pets.

The cockroach trap has four large entry points to maximize the number of cockroaches that make their way. In addition, it has a double stacked design with two layers of access control to the door. This ensures that cockroaches remain trapped there, which means they will not die anywhere. Your house will always be clean and free of dead cockroaches.

Homemade cockroach trap with electrical tape

1 Make a trap with electrical tape. The premise of this strategy is very simple: you will need a bait to attract the cockroaches and the adhesive tape to catch them. This trap can be difficult to move once you have armed it, but in reality it is very simple and can help you get very good results with a relatively small effort.

2 You can also buy traps made of adhesive materials, if you prefer. Look in tool stores for homes and gardens or ask local exterminators to advise you.

3 Get a roll of electrical tape. Make sure the tape is new and very sticky; otherwise, cockroaches could easily escape and escape. You can use other things instead of electrical tape, but you must make sure they are very sticky. Neither the Scotch adhesive tape nor the masking tape will serve you; the trap must be able to hold the cockroaches until you can get them out of your house.

4 Choose the bait. Anything with a pretty sweet or greasy smell will do. Onion is a common option, although you can also use anything else with a strong smell. Try the test with a small strip of banana peel or with a sweet and ripe fruit. Consider using a small piece of bread. If you have noticed that the cockroaches in your house are attracted to a particular food, try to use it as bait.

5 Place the bait. Place the fruit, onion, bread, etc. in the middle of a piece of tape. Make sure it stays stable and does not fall.

Where do I put my Homemade cockroach sticky trap?

Place your trap. Leave the tape in an area where you have found many cockroaches, such as the kitchen, a dark corner or near a hole in the wall. Keep in mind that you will have to decide what to do with these cockroaches later, since they will be stuck to the tape, helpless, and you will have to find a way to eliminate them or get rid of them without leaving them free.

Try to put the trap in a raised place, such as the top of the kitchen cabinets or the top of the refrigerator. Cockroaches like to run in high places.

Wait. Roaches love the dark and tend to look for their food mostly at night. Leave the tape in that place throughout the night and do not touch it until the next day. If you check the trap at dawn, you’ll find a lot of cockroaches trapped. To get rid of cockroaches, you can kill them or show compassion and set them free.

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What to do when the cockroaches are stuck in Homemade trap?

To release the cockroaches compassionately, pick up the tape and take it outside the house. Move it at least 30 m (100 ft.) Away from your home, and then throw out the cockroaches and throw away the tape. If you do not want to pick up the trap with your bare hands, put on gloves or use a garbage can. Another option is to place a box on top of the tape to cover the trap, and then put a piece of paper underneath to keep the cockroaches in that place while you take them out.

If you are going to kill the cockroaches, you can simply discard the tape with everything and the cockroaches attached. Make sure to close the bag or trash bin once the insects are inside; otherwise, you could manage to get out, making your efforts useless.

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