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Natural remedy the best ways to get rid of cockroaches

Over the years, we have tried to eliminate cockroaches with different home remedies, these many are effective and very powerful cockroaches kill, but others not so much. That is why compilations here the best natural remedies to get rid of cockroaches without damaging the environment. We have the solution for several species of large and small cockroaches that affect our environment. You can use the baking soda, boric acid, and more for kill the roaches in a narutal way.

Homemade remedy solutions the best ways to get rid of cockroaches

From traps, solutions, repellents, herbs, essential oil, diatomaceous earth, all natural and organic ways of eliminating the cockroaches of your house or apartment.

Boric acid and peanut butter bait for roaches

Believe it or not, there is a very good remedy for kill roaches, the Boric acid and peanut butter bait for roaches, you can make a bait based on boric acid powder to kill them. Although boric acid is slightly toxic, the natural substance is effective and chemical free.


  1. Clean all food areas and place food in airtight containers to prevent insects from getting the smell. Acid / peanut butter work boric bait better when they are the only source of food available for insects. Make sure all shelves, floors and work surfaces are clean and free of crumbs and insect debris that you can visit to look for food.
  2. Locate the entry points by tracking where the insects enter the house, and note the likely places they hide under the cabinets and in the pantries. These are the points where the bait butter / boric acid peanuts will be placed.
  3. Mix a paste of 4 tbsp. peanut butter, 6 tbsp. ¾ teaspoon of honey and. of boric acid powder. The ingredients are mixed thoroughly.
  4. Place the touches of the mixture in small caps of the jars and place in the entry points you are in and in other areas where the insects are seen.
  5. Monitor the bait to see if the insects feed on it. Re-locate bait that is not visited and refill as necessary.
  6. Discard the bait after all signs of infestation are eliminated.

Repelling cockroaches with odor – cucumber

At the same time, what is super simple to prepare, is also well known.

First take a cucumber and cut it into slices, second, spread the cucumber slices through the areas that you think they usually happen or they are, and with the aroma that this gives off, they will make them go out where they came from.

Natural way to get rid of cockroaches with trap and coffee

Coffee attracts them very much, and since we know it we play with a tremendous advantage to use against cockroaches. Take a bucket and fill it with half the water mixing the coffee well … That’s it, nothing more.

Did you expect something more elaborate ?, because doing this is not necessary. What we get, is that with the aroma released by the coffee dissolved in the water of the bucket, it is to attract the roaches that are nearby, you are attracted by the smell prepared by the bucket entering it to see what there is, and finally, They will end up drowning in the water.

Wormwood infusions are great Natural remedy to get rid of cockroaches

Holy grass, bitter sage or better known as absinthe medicinal plant, is recognized worldwide for its effectiveness in combating pests. The only thing we have to do is prepare an infusion with the leaves of the plant and fill it with a spray can and sprinkle it on all the places we think are important for the cockroaches.

A lot of caution when using it if we have pets and small children at home, since the consumption of this plant is toxic and can harm us internally.

Clean with ammonia remedy to get rid of cockroaches

When you get ready to scrub the floor of your house to eliminate food debris such as bread crumbs, scrub with ammonia dissolved in water. When you finish empty the bucket on the toilet.

Laurel is an excellent natural remedy for roaches

The laurel is a very effective remedy against cockroaches Of the best known and most used without a doubt although it is not known exactly why it drives away cockroaches. However, everything points to the fact that cockroaches can not stand the smell of laurel.

With leaving the leaves scattered in places that usually leave or live, will be worth.

Water with soap is a Natural way to kill roaches

If you spray the cockroaches with a spray, as if by magic, they die almost immediately. It can not be simpler to mix water with soap.

Homemade traps with glue to get rid of cockroaches

Place adhesive tape in corners where cockroaches hide or try this if they are a little more rebellious than you think.

Glue a piece of cardboard or piece of wood and place it near where they are, and on top of that, sprinkle scraps of food or sprinkle sugar so that the one they are going to eat will stay stuck forever and they can not run away.

Plant repelling in herbalists

If you have one or near your home, enter and get a Crotalaria. Plant that will give a little color and life to your home and that at the same time, thanks to one of its properties you can eliminate cockroaches simply by having it in a well-kept pot.

Toxic essential oils for repel and get rid of cockroaches

Soak cottons with essential oils (rosemary, lavender, thyme, mint or clove oil), and place them near nests.

With that, it will be enough if you do not have to change the cottons, doing the same process until the plague is eradicated.

Homemade trap, baking soda with sugar for kill roaches

With a handful of sugar and a handful of bicarbonate (in equal parts), we leave them in places that are visible to insects, we let them be attracted to the sugar, and since the sweet is mixed with the baking soda, when they eat it, there will be a toxic reaction in their stomachs causing death.

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Natural way to exterminate cockroaches with Onion and boric acid powder

One of the most used remedies to eliminate cockroaches is to create an economical and super effective paste. The recipe: mix half chopped onion into very small pieces, half a cup of wheat flour, necessary amount of beer or water, a pinch of sugar and 4 tablespoons of boric acid powder. This substance has an expiration date and usually moistens quickly, so it is best to close the container hermetically after use. Place the ingredients in a container and mix until you get a paste not too liquid. Use bottle caps to place the mixture inside and distribute them in places where there may be cockroaches. If you have pets, be careful not to consume this preparation because it could be toxic to them.

Another Natural remedy Onion, boric acid and wheat flour

Boric acid is a mineral-based substance widely used in insecticide and cleaning products. It also fulfills its functions as a poison to kill cockroaches home. You can buy boric acid in pharmacies and certain supermarkets. Mix the 3 products: Flour, chopped onion, boric acid and place it in jars distributed in all areas of your house affected. Leave gaps in the cockroach size caps so they can enter and ingest the poison.

Lavender Home remedy for roaches

Place small pieces of fresh lavender in the places where cockroaches hide. Its aroma, pleasant for humans, often repel these insects.

Aspire to get rid of cockroaches

It seems simple, but … it works! Help reduce cockroach populations in the corners of your home. When finished, sanitize the vacuum, seal the bag with waste and get rid of it.

Cold and heat to get rid of cockroaches

Some heat treatments can work since extreme temperatures tend to eliminate these insects instantly. But, since it is not very convenient to “freeze” your house in winter, a good idea is to choose certain furniture or appliances and take them outside and the weather will be the rest. The same happens with the sun and its heat in the summer months, which will trigger against the cockroaches immediately.

Home remedy with diatoms to eliminate cockroaches

Diatomaceous earth: This formula is also effective for other types of insects such as mosquitoes or mites. It contains remains of fossilized organisms and is very effective at eliminating cockroaches, but also prevents the appearance of pests when used on plants.

These are some of the most effective home remedies to eliminate cockroaches, however, there are many more.

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